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Automation Center of Excellence

Automation is a new tool that the state is adopting to help alleviate teams of their redundant and mundane tasks. The Automation Center of Excellence is OMES' central team dedicated to evaluating processes for the potential use of automation.

Subsequently, we guide teams through implementation of the technology, as well as provide ongoing support, monitoring and enhancement for delivered automations.

Our mission at ACoE is to empower agencies and employees through Robotic Process Automation solutions, enhancing satisfaction and productivity. RPA is a subset of the automation umbrella. We are committed to delivering RPA products that streamline operations and transform business processes.

To engage with the ACoE, please use the form at Robotic Process Automation - Employee Center.

For more information, please visit OMES Automation Operating Model, where we have outlined strategy, planning, governance, technology development, process and ongoing management to help make you successful.

Last Modified on Apr 23, 2024
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