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Office of Veterans Placement

The State of Oklahoma respects veterans, their sacrifices and the freedoms their service provides. To honor that service, the State of Oklahoma will provide interviews for matched state executive branch positions that utilize the Office of Veterans Placement..

The Office of Veterans Placement also provides:

  • Employment counseling.
  • Assistance in identifying transferable military skills, qualifications and career assessment.
  • Assistance in drafting competitive resumes.
  • Instruction in developing comprehensive job search strategies.
  • Job placement assistance.

Please take a moment to look at the numerous job opportunities the State of Oklahoma has to offer.

Veterans Placement Guidance and Procedures

To utilize our services, a veteran is required to apply for eligibility. Please email the Office of Veterans Placement your eligibility documentation listed below. Soon after applying, a staff member will determine your veteran eligibility status. If found eligible, the staff member will email your Veterans Placement Eligibility Form. If it is determined that you are not an eligible veteran, then you will receive an email notification with that information.

If you are veteran seeking employment with the State of Oklahoma and cannot find a job opening, or just would like to complete eligibility for future state employment opportunities, please apply now.

New job openings are posted daily. Completing your eligibility early will streamline your application process and provide peace of mind knowing your Veterans Placement Eligibility Form is complete for future use.

It is important to upload your Veterans Placement Eligibility Form on each of your applications. Not uploading your eligibility form could result in a missed interview opportunity.

The Office of Veterans Placement determines whether your application is a match for the posted position or not. Your eligibility form can be applied to full and part-time internal and external postings for guaranteed interviews. There are state positions that are exempt from adhering to veterans placement interview requirements listed within the Civil Service and Human Capital Modernization Rules.

These positions include:

  • Persons employed by the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Oklahoma House of Representatives, Oklahoma State Senate, Office of the Attorney General, Legislative Service Bureau, or the Legislative Office of Fiscal Transparency;
  • Elected officials;
  • Political appointees;
  • District attorneys, assistant district attorneys or other employees of the district attorney's office;
  • The state judiciary or persons employed by the state judiciary;
  • Not more than five percent (5%) of an agency's employees designated as executive management as determined by the agency director. The number of employees shall be determined by the number of active position identification numbers an agency has; or
  • Temporary and seasonal positions.


Required documentation for veterans placement eligibility

The following document must be submitted to qualify for veterans placement eligibility:

  • If you were active duty, submit a copy of the Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (DD Form 214 or 215).
  • If you were a reservist, submit a copy of your discharge certificate.
  • If you were in the National Guard, submit a copy of your Report of Separation and Record of Service (NGB Form 22 or 22A).

Note: The DD 214, discharge certificate or NGB 22 must state the character of service as honorable. Not all DD214 copies included the character of service. Please submit service copy 2, 3 or member copy 4.

Veteran definition: "Veteran" means any person who served the full obligation for active duty, reserves or National Guard service in the military, or received an early discharge for a medical condition, hardship or reduction in force; and has been separated or discharged from such service honorably or under honorable conditions.

Apply for Veterans Placement Eligibility

To take advantage of the Office of Veterans Placement offered services, please upload your documentation and email your request for veterans placement eligibility.



Office of Veterans Placement
2132 NE 36th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73111
Phone: 405-522-6907

Last Modified on Jul 01, 2024
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