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Finance Center of Excellence

About Finance Center of Excellence

Under direction of the state comptroller, FCOE provides support to agencies related to the state central accounting system including system implementations, testing, financials upgrades and daily production support.


Centralized management of statewide finance systems and processes fostering a collaborative and strategic finance function.


The Finance Center of Excellence core functions include collaborating with system integrators and state agencies to provide support and oversight of system implementation efforts. We partner with the system integrators to ensure transparency and efficiencies on the development of the following PeopleSoft modules:

Accounts Receivable

PeopleSoft Receivables allows agencies to enter, track, receive and apply payments, while also allowing agencies to manage outstanding items and customer’s payments.


PeopleSoft Billing allows agencies to process billing information to create invoices. The billing application allows you to standardize and optimize your billing activities while allow for all invoices to be reviewed and validated to ensure proper revenue accounting is being posted.

Project Costing

PeopleSoft Project Costing allows agencies to define projects, project teams, scopes, statuses and project start and end dates, to track expenses and revenues associated with an established project. Various other features included such as running allocations, indirect cost calculations and distributing cost across multiple funds.


PeopleSoft Grants includes Project Costing features and assist agencies to plan, manage, and track grant activity from proposal to award, to ensure timely and accurate proposals to sponsors.


PeopleSoft Contracts allows agencies to create and amend customer contracts, schedule and process revenue and billing, as well as apply contract line billing limits.

Asset Management

PeopleSoft Asset Management allows agencies to track assets, calculate depreciation, manage retirements, for accurately and efficiently meeting GAAP financial reporting.

Accounts Payable Workflow

PeopleSoft Accounts Payable Workflow allows for agencies to establish voucher expense approvals to allow for efficiencies within divisions to allow for process improvement.

Travel and Expense 

PeopleSoft Travel and Expense allows for agencies to submit Travel Authorizations and Expense Reports for approval to allow for efficiencies within divisions to allow for overall process improvement

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Last Modified on Nov 21, 2023
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