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Learning and Development

About Learning and Development

OMES Statewide Learning Services has transformed! In October 2021, SLS merged with OMES’ internal Organizational and Employee Development Partners and became a united OMES Learning and Development team. Our portfolio of talent, diversity and innovation expanded along with the services we provide, and we are excited to introduce you to our services that can positively impact you.

Statewide Learning Services

OMES Statewide Learning Services offer regular development classes to assist leaders in completing their statutorily required annual training. We manage nationally-accredited leadership programs and certifications to develop talent and allow employees to expand their skills.

We maintain a statewide learning platform within Workday@OK and assist agencies in utilizing the technology to expand their training efforts statewide, while eliminating redundancies and increasing cost-effectiveness statewide.


Promote individual and organizational effectiveness by providing quality learning solutions for public service employees to support and supplement existing agency learning efforts.

Expand Your Opportunities

OMES SLS is committed to meeting the lifelong education, training and workforce development needs of the state. Select one of our many leadership and certification programs to learn more about how you can increase your skills, improve your resume and make a positive impact on our state through lifelong learning.


Learning and Development

Last Modified on Dec 05, 2023
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