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Information Services

Information Services is one, unified state IT resource providing shared technology resources and services to all state agencies. We look at technology as a strategic investment. We evaluate and update shared services, oversee technology investments and establish state standards.

We want to empower agency customers to make informed technology decisions as well as provide a consistent approach to improve service delivery to Oklahomans. 

How Can We Help?

Project Management and Analysis
Our team of project management and analyst experts exists to help with your strategic projects. We analyze your technology needs and assess, plan and manage solutions to help your agency innovate and modernize.

Human Resources
We assist in hiring, recruitment, performance reviews, calibration and training to ensure a positive employee culture.

OMES Technical Training has oversight of IT skillset development in the State of Oklahoma and ensures the state workforce is always ready to tackle ever developing IT needs.

Resource Management
We work with an agency in the initial planning and procurement phase of a project to ensure business and infrastructure resources are in place. We continue to manage resources throughout the project until completion.

Our enterprise applications, like PeopleSoft, can also help build and customize business applications.

Project Assurance and Governance
Our professional services team is embedded in state government with you and knows how to navigate existing infrastructure, legislation and processes. We quickly assess and identify critical activities for project success.

Administrative Support
We help support all administrative tasks for delivery of tech services providing financial services and maintenance services.

We help support contracts, eDiscovery, technology planning and more, providing consulting and expertise when needed.

Application Support
Our team of software experts will approve and install software, diagnose error messages or performance issues, upgrade software or hardware and troubleshoot all other general questions.

Web Development
Our development team will develop and implement your web applications. We also update or change any information needed on your website pages.

Data Analysis
With CitizenData, we provide data analysis for your website to equip you with data-based insights so you can make better decisions.

Innovation Lab
To stay on the cutting edge of technology, our lab of innovators rapidly develops prototypes of hardware and software to continuously modernize our tech capabilities.

Application Modernization
We provide a full-scale approach as we evaluate legacy tech, determine a path to modernize and then archive the data and decommission the app.

Enterprise Applications
We help troubleshoot enterprise applications, like PeopleSoft, and can also help build and customize business applications.

Service Desk
The OMES Service Desk can take all your IS requests and ensure they are routed to the appropriate team to provide the fastest response possible.

Password Reset
For help resetting your password or unlocking an account, our team assists across all systems and platforms.

Mobile Device Management
Downtime on your cell phone can cause a severe headache. Our team diagnoses problems and keeps you updated every step of the way.

Computer support
OMES provides a one-stop shop for all your computer needs like requesting new devices, end-use support for issues and setting up new hires.

Executive Support
Our team of highly technical staff provides specialized support for all State of Oklahoma VIPs to ensure limited downtime.

Status Requests
Our online ticketing portal allows customers access to request assistance, check the status of a ticket and receive a quick response with the online chat feature.

Compliance enforces controls established by regulations, law or industry standards that are designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.

Privacy strives to minimize adverse consequences for individual privacy and ensure compliance with privacy regulations by addressing policies and procedures, advising on risk and mitigation and providing support in the event of a privacy incident.

Defense Engineering designs, implements and enhances cyber defenses that proactively prevent or disrupt cyber threats across all supported State of Oklahoma agencies.

Defense Operations maintains and operates cyber defenses that protect Oklahoma's information assets and supports Cyber Command and OMES IS engineering efforts.

Hunt and Incident Response Team (HIRT) offers resiliency to the State of Oklahoma by providing the personnel and platforms necessary to detect, interdict and mitigate advanced cybersecurity, physical security and fraudulent activity threats.

Cyber Operations is responsible for around the clock monitoring, detecting, investigating and responding to cyber threats against State of Oklahoma technology systems.

Oklahoma Information Sharing and Analysis Center (OK-ISAC) is responsible for connecting members across Oklahoma to share cyber threat intelligence and improve cyber resilience at all levels of participation—local, regional and national—with enhanced information sharing across the state.

Problem Management
Identifies, diagnoses and eliminates reoccurring incident impact(s) to the State of Oklahoma’s IT services and solutions.

Incident and Event Management
The Information Technology Operations Command Center provides incident response and manages major incidents giving visibility to management and customers on outages.

Change Management
Responds to partners’ needs, requests, and requirements quickly and efficiently while reducing incidents, disruptions, and re-work.

Configuration Management
Responsible for identifying, recording, evaluating, coordinating, reporting, and controlling configuration items by supporting process activities to maintain integrity.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Ensures continuity of operations for the state in the event of a disaster and prepares for rapid recovery of critical OMES IS operations.

Network Connectivity
We troubleshoot network outages and provide hardwired and wireless network connectivity, along with routers, switches, load balancing and firewalls for applications and services.

We support multimedia contact centers, physical phones, soft phones, conferencing, e-Fax and cabling.

Cloud Services
We implement tools to assist servers and integrate cloud technologies.

Cable and Tower Management
We check and modify existing cable, repair damaged cable, install new cable or cable racks and other fiber requests. We also help with service tower management.

Storage and Backup
Our network of servers stores a massive quantity of state data, including health records, tax information and other confidential materials.

The strategic plan and radar map provides a three-year plan for upcoming product and service changes.

Last Modified on Jul 06, 2023