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Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) Reports

Data from the Oklahoma BRFSS have been used to develop a variety of special topic reports.

Oklahoma BRFSS Annual Report 2008 (1.8 MB pdf)

BRFSS State of Oklahoma 2005 Annual Report & Trend Analysis 1988-2005
Part 1 (1.5 MB pdf)
Part 2 (2.2 MB pdf)
Part 3 (1.1 MB pdf)

Exploring the Issues of Truncation of Continuous Variables as Covariates in Linear Regression using Oklahoma BRFSS Data (74.9 KB pdf)
Handout for Poster Presentation
24th Annual BRFSS Conference
Decatur, GA 
March 24-28, 2007

Oklahoma BRFSS data have been used in other OSDH divisions to develop the following reports:

Arthritis in Oklahoma (1.7 MB pdf)
The Painful Truth 2004: Data Report, Year 2005 

Behavioral Risk Factors Among American Indians in Oklahoma
(1.2 MB PDF)

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