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Rabies Resources for Veterinarians

How do I obtain an animal rabies specimen shipment box?

Rabies boxes can be ordered by calling the OSDH Public Health Lab at (405) 271-5070 or by ordering online here

Rabies submissions should be delivered to the following address:

Oklahoma Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab
1950 W. Farm Rd.
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74078  

How long does it take to get back my rabies specimen shipment box?

It can take up to one week depending on regular business hours and holidays.  Once testing is completed, the box will be shipped back using the U.S. Postal Service.  If you have any questions, please contact OSDH Public Health Lab at (405) 271-5070.

How long does it take to get rabies results?

Routine laboratory testing occurs Monday – Friday, excluding holidays.  The PHL conducts testing at some point during weekends in which a state holiday either precedes or follows the weekend, to minimize delays in specimen testing.  Urgent test requests may occur on weekends or holidays following consultation with OSDH Acute Disease Service (ADS).  Healthcare providers, veterinarians, and animal control officers are advised to consult with the ADS Epidemiologist-On-Call at (405) 271-4060 (24/7/365 availability) to determine if urgent animal rabies testing is warranted based on the bite circumstances, severity, and animal involved.  Specimens received before 9:00 AM are normally reported by 5:00 PM on the same day, or on the next business day if submitted during the weekend.  Specimens received after 9:00 AM are tested and results reported on the next business day.

Who will notify me if an animal tests positive for rabies?

An ADS epidemiologist will contact the submitter by telephone when a specimen is positive for rabies, and when a specimen is deemed unsatisfactory for testing.  An ADS epidemiologist will also contact the animal owner and other persons that had potential contact with an animal as part of a rabies exposure assessment.  Test results for all specimens are mailed to submitters.  Test results for negative specimens may be telephoned or faxed when requested in writing on the Rabies Submission Form ODH-460.

Who will notify me if an animal tests positive for rabies?

The OSDH Acute Disease Service Epidemiologist-on-Call investigates all positive rabid animals or animals that are unsatisfactory for testing.

Does the OSDH Public Health Lab test the animal for any other diseases?

No.  The OSDH Public Health Lab will only test the brain for rabies.

Rabies Resources for Veterinarians: