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Oklahoma Prevention Leadership Committee

The Oklahoma Prevention Leadership Committee (OPLC) brings together partners across various fields of prevention and response, community members and youth to align efforts in addressing gender-based violence. The OPLC believes that by connecting those in public health with those in the community, together we can provide resources, raise awareness of the issues in our state, and cultivate a space where people feel supported, believed and valued. We work to uphold health equity, inclusivity and collaboration in this committee. Together, we each have a role to play in ending all forms of violence and oppression. By addressing one issue within violence prevention, we are addressing multiple intersectional areas of prevention.

Mission: The Oklahoma Prevention Leadership Committee builds multi-disciplinary connections and fosters collaboration among violence prevention specialists and allies in an effort to create a safer and more equitable Oklahoma.

Vision: We envision an Oklahoma Standard where safe and healthy environments are created in support of the social and emotional development of our state's young people.

In order to achieve the significant and lasting social change necessary to prevent gender-based violence, the OPLC uses a collective impact framework. It is anchored by the OSDH Injury Prevention Service’s Rape Prevention and Education Program. The current OPLC Advisory Committee members include staff from the OSDH Maternal and Child Health Service and the Oklahoma State Department of Education. OPLC membership includes: Oklahoma youth, interested community members, and professionals working in a variety of disciplines. Members have the option to self-select one of three subcommittees to participate in to further the work of the OPLC.

The OPLC is committed to a respectful and constructive planning process. We encourage in-depth dialogue and individual perspectives. We value diverse voices and the wisdom that lived experience brings when working to develop the best possible prevention strategies and practices for Oklahoma communities.

For information on joining the OPLC, please reach out to  


There are currently three subcommittees working to implement the OPLC’s overarching mission statement by disseminating knowledge and fostering collaborations in their respective communities. Members meet outside of regular OPLC meetings on a schedule determined by each subcommittee.  

Mission: To promote sexual health and violence prevention and increase awareness among school aged youth. In addition, this subcommittee aims to provide education, support, guidance and training for anyone serving youth.

Vision: Helping create a strong network for sexual health and prevention efforts across Oklahoma to provide a future free of violence and stigma for Oklahoma youth.


  1. Strengthening partnerships to provide resources and trainings for students and parents, as well as providing opportunities for professional development for administrative staff and faculty.
  2. To support the rights of students through coordination and promotion of effective Title IX and mandatory reporting. Reviewing policies and procedures.
  3. Educating Oklahoma community stakeholders about different prevention areas in order to raise awareness and promote a safe state from a primary prevention approach.  

Mission: Prevention professionals from around the state collaborate, network, and assess best practices for prevention efforts within higher education communities to increase the quantity and quality of individual prevention outreach efforts by focusing on the vision.

Vision: Oklahoma institutions for higher education work together with community partners to create innovative, inclusive, streamlined, evidence-based and research-informed prevention education and information network.


  1. Expand the Prevention Education Network by forming relationships with other institutions in Oklahoma.
    1. Conduct an annual statewide networking event.
  2. Create and implement collaborative cross trainings, programming, and professional development for students and staff.
    1. One student collaboration per semester.
    2. One staff professional development per semester.
  3. Provide consistent and shared messaging across the state.
    1. Include an intersectional approach to prevention work.
    2. Focus on primary prevention strategies.  

Mission: This subcommittee promotes awareness, through health education and resource navigation for Oklahoma youth so that they feel empowered to make healthy decisions about their bodies and relationships.

Vision: We work to encourage Oklahoma youth to be the generation that talks.


  1. Partnering with others that are hosting community trainings, workshops, and programs that meet the mission.
  2. Utilizing various media platforms to promote prevention initiatives in Oklahoma.
  3. Collaborating and networking with peers and professionals for continuing education.  

The OPLC meets quarterly on the first Thursday of February, May, August, and November from 1:00 to 3:30pm. Emails with the agenda information, including location, are sent prior to the meeting.  

Upcoming Meetings

2022: November 3 from 1-3:30PM

2023: February 2, May 4, August 3, November 2 from 1-3:30pm  

For more information about the OPLC, please see our current member packet or contact

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Oklahoma State Department of Health
123 Robert S. Kerr. Ave., Suite 1702
Oklahoma City, OK 73102-6406

Physical Address:
Oklahoma State Department of Health
123 Robert S. Kerr Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK

Phone: (405) 426-8440
Fax: (405) 900-7588

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